Author: aamble

Selma & Stian

In painting we have a myriad of structures and structural tools, many of which could feel obvious and banal. But this does not disqualify them from artistic and … Read more

“Marbles” with Julie Falk & Kaare Ruud

May 20th-June18th 2023 “Marbles” binds memories and experience to form and material. Working with materials, as attempts of connecting mind and matter, can help us to process and … Read more

“Recently” with Carl-Oskar Jonsson

“Recently” is a solo-exhibition with the Malmö and Berlin based artist Carl-Oskar Jonsson (b.1991).  In a series of charcoal drawings we see an expanding foggy landscape. If they … Read more

Measures of Isolation – Carolina Sandvik

May 7th – May 29th Miniatures have a tendency of luring us in; pulling our gaze closer towards our dreams and fantasies.  In “Measures of Isolation“ Carolina Sandvik … Read more

Pen pals part 1

Written letters, drawings in an envelope, exchanges among friends or hopeful approaches towards people we would like to get to know. Paper has a low threshold and accessibility embedded … Read more

Brain fog by Matt Welch

Public Support invites you to our inaugural exhibition: Brain Fog by British artist Matt Welch.  For the first exhibition at Public Support, Welch has built hanging structures in … Read more