Fabrikkgata 7, 3320 Vestfossen
1h by train L12 from Oslo
1h22m by train L12 from Oslo Airport

Public Support is an artist driven project gallery, established 2021 and located at Vestfossen outside Oslo. The project is attempting to facilitate the best condition possible for research and investigation given our economic situation. For artists exhibiting this includes an emphasis on artistic freedom and production. For all exhibitions Public Support will deliver hands on production assistance and up to four weeks of install.

We as artists and the institutions and projects we create have far reaching responsibilities. The artist is not a commodity. Public Support is currently non-profit: This could change in the future, as a way to reassess what a commercial gallery can be; namely a project for solidarity and distribution.

An important aspect of Public Support is the pedagogical side: Artistic freedom in combination with the universal access that we strive to provide, with a low threshold, making sure that both visitors and artists from a multitude of backgrounds feels welcome and catered for.

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best, Andreas Amble